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RadiSurf Scientific

RadiSurf’s thin Polymer Coatings


Highly stable, long-lasting polymer brushes 20-80 nm thick that completely transforms surface properties. 

samples with polymer brushes attached


Robust, highly stable 1-5 nm nanocoatings that chemically modify substrate interfaces.

samples with surfaces modified with diazonium salts

What RadiSurf Scientific can do for you

RadiSurf Scientific offers high quality, nanocoatings on stainless steel for research and other high-end applications. We are experts in producing thin polymer coatings, from 1-5 nm films created by electrochemical reduction of aryldiazonium salts (RadiDiazo) to 20-80 nm coatings of different polymer brushes (RadiBrush). With an automated production we guarantee high quality, uniform coatings. Furthermore, RadiSurf Scientific offers customized surface coatings for our customers. Please contact us, to get a quote for a tailor-made polymer surface coating.

About RadiSurf

At RadiSurf, we achieve nanometer-thin adhesion interfaces that are long-lasting, extremely secure and chemically clean. Our groundbreaking adhesive solutions are perfect for many commercial and industrial applications. Discover how RadiSurf can boost your business potential.

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Email: info@radisurf.com

RadiSurf ApS Arresoevej 5B DK-8240 Risskov Denmark
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